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At Cairns Scuba Tech we have many years of experience traveling around the world, diving iconic and off the beaten track dive destinations. Off the back of this unique experience AJ Barrs Dive Expeditions was born and has been organising overseas trips since 2016. We are partners with Master liveaboards,  Blue 'o' Two, and the The Siren Fleets who cover most of the iconic liveaboard dive destinations around the world. We also have many connections with land based operations/private guides around the world, who can organise your dive holiday to suit your schedule. We offer ocean, cave and technical diving holidays to the list of destinations below. We pre-plan trips every year and have many options available for "off the beaten track" locations which we can Taylor to your desire. Check out our terms and conditions page before going ahead with your booking.

Give us a call today to help organise your next overseas diving adventure!

We offer liveaboards in the following countries:

  • Egypt

  • Maldives

  • Bahamas

  • United States

  • Ecuador 

  • Indonesia

  • Marshall Islands (Bikini Atoll)

  • Federated States of Micronesia

  • Solomon Islands

  • Palau

  • Philippines

  • Thailand

  • Myanmar

  • Malta - Land based recreational/technical wreck diving.

  • Mexico - Land based Recreational/Technical Cavern/Cave diving.

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