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Equipment Servicing

Precise servicing, when your life counts on it


"Where Reputation is everything"

Here at CST we take servicing of your diving equipment very seriously.

We are equipped with the latest British, European and American technology, to perform precise equipment servicing, on all types of diving equipment/brands, at the right price. 

Our technician is highly trained by the Association of Scuba Service Engineers & Technicians (A.S.S.E.T) and the necessary manufacturers to give you complete confidence in our service methods.

When you're thinking about servicing you're dive equipment, think Cairns Scuba Tech


Regulators differ from one to another and it's very important to know when to service them as they are the main part of your life support system! 

Each service at CST is completed following the specific manufacturing guidelines and using OEM parts.

A detailed report is provided on completion, outlining the overall performance/condition of your regulator. Each post service test is completed using the latest, hi-tech equipment to ensure you that every possible test has been performed accurately.

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Regulator Servicing Cairns
Scuba cylinder testing Cairns Hydrostatic cylinder testing Cairns

Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

Testing/inspecting a cylinder annually is a requirement as per Australian standards.

At CST we use a water jacket testing method which gives you the most accurate results from a hydrostatic test. For the visual inspection we use an internal shot blasting machine to remove internal rust or corrosion, check the cylinder neck threads with NDT testing methods and special optics. Wheather you have a steel or aluminium cylinder we'll clean, inspect and test it to the highest standard!

All hydro tests include a free valve inspection (service and parts are charged separately) 

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The heart of any dive operation is its breathing air compressor.

Precision engineered to compress air to a breathable standard, dive compressors need to be well maintained to keep them operating the way they should. Neglect on this crucial item can end in catastrophic failure or loss of life. Our technician is Bauer certified and holds the highest A.S.S.E.T certification in compressor strip down/repair.

If you require simple maintenance or a full overhaul, we can do it all!

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Bauer compressor servicing Cairns
Scuba Regulator servicing Cairns

Other items we can service

There are many other dive related pieces of  equipment and we can set up/service/repair them all, including:

Fill control panels & containment units

Cylinder valves & double manifolds

Wings (Sidemount/Back mount)

Twin Sets & Sidemount Sets

Jacket style BCDs

Dive computers

Dry suits

Wet suits



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