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Comfortable, Complete and only 2.3Kg!
The GHOST Deluxe Travel BCD includes standard GHOST features and the XDeep NX Series Adjustable Harness. Perfect for the travelling scuba diver. A revolutionary design and cutting edge materials with no compromises on quality.


Streamlined and easy to Trim
The GHOST offers significant advantages for streamlining and trim. Designed to be completely streamlined, it stays tight to the diver’s body and cylinder. The geometry makes getting a perfect trim effortless, which enhances safety, improves gas consumption, and extends dive times. Oh, and it looks very cool!


Safe and Comfortable at the Surface
The upper part of the GHOST’s wing is intentionally smaller, which prevents you being pushed forwards on the surface – whatever the conditions, you will be supported safely and comfortably. The GHOST also maximises itÕs small profile underwater, with significant buoyancy of over 17 litres.


Complete Underwater Freedom of Movement
Diving puts a smile on our face for many reasons, with the feeling of freedom and weightlessness high on the list. The last thing you want is to be hitting your head on the first stage regulator. The GHOST allows you to adjust the position of the cylinder, wing and tank adaptor, to ensure absolute freedom. Divers, from giant to petite, can dive in comfort.


The GHOST is available in two backplate sizes:

Large: for divers > 174 cm
Small: for divers < 174 cm
Enjoy the freedom to look around and enjoy the sights of our underwater world in perfect trim, without hitting your head!


Easy On, Easy Off
Whilst maintaining the great fit of backplate systems, XDeep set out to overcome the difficulties some divers have in donning and doffing, by increasing the distance between shoulder strap anchoring points. Buckling the harness waist belt tight also pulls the shoulder straps down snug to the body for a perfectly fitting system. The NX GHOST Deluxe version also comes with a quick-release adjustable harness.


Neutrally buoyant 3D Mesh Padding
The Ghost has XDeep’s innovative 3D mesh padding for comfort and safety, the padding helps the system mold to the body and prevents the BCD from moving. Also, there is no compression of the 3D mesh at depth, so no change in buoyancy.


Perfect weight distrubtion
Significant advantages in trim and balance are gained by moving weight pockets up the body, off the hips and by keeping them closer to the cylinder. The NX Series harness achieves this goal with careful placement of the (optional) weight pockets. No longer will you feel the lead dragging your feet down. For ladies, taking the weight off the hips also adds to the comfort of the GHOST.


The GHOST is incredibly light and unbelieveably tough. Features:

Aerospace-grade alloy. The backplate and STA are made from aerospace grade aluminium alloy. It provides rigidity, structure, is hard wearing and very light.
Reliable 6mm D-Rings. Don’t compromise on safety and function. Having saved weight in other areas the GHOST features steel 6mm D-rings.
Durable 1100 DTex Cordura. Two layers in one. Using dTEX Cordura¨ coated with a thick TPU layer, creates a tough and durable wing.

The GHOST is a truly innovative answer for travelling adventurers and the next generation of BCDs. For more on the GHOST see XDeep’s website.

XDEEP Ghost Standard, full set, Aluminium BP

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